Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent, 750ml

Special Price ₹156 ₹260
  • Ariel matic liquid detergent gives you tough stain removal in 1 wash
  • As a liquid detergent, Ariel matic liquid detergent offers your better dissolution inside a washing machine to remove your tough stains in 1-wash! **
  • Ariel is the no 1 brand recommended by lg
  • Ariel matic liquid detergent washes as much as 1kg of powder***percent
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    New ariel matic liquid detergent has been specially developed to bring you tough stain removal in 1 wash for your fully automatic washing machines. Especially designed for your automatic machine usage, ariel matic liquid detergent offers you brilliant stain removal for full loads. Especially formulated for fully automatic washing machines, ariel matic liquid detergent washes as much as 1kg powder*. Ariel’s cutting edge technology provides brilliant stain removal for all your clothes. Ariel matic liquid detergent comes in a white bottle that offers you more than just packaging. Number of washes vs. Ariel matic powder at the recommended dosage for front loading automatic washing machines.
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