Enerlyf Home Automation Electricity Saver for Air Conditioner

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  • Enerlyf works with your air-conditioner and ceiling fan both, to give you a comfortable night's sleep, while saving on energy too!
  • Installation engineers available in select cities (Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai & Delhi) by Housejoy.in for products bought from ENERLYF INNOVATIONS LLP. Call 1860-123-4569 to book the service. Additionally get free service within 7 days from installation in case there are any issues with the installation. *Valid proof of purchase from Amazon to be presented at the time of installation to get flat price of installation 200/- INR + GST.
  • Let the device maintain optimum AC flow based on variable BODY temperature.
  • ComfySense technology is a smart technology developed and tested by ENERLYF INNOVATIONS LLP that is based on three parameters for input - 1. Human sleep patterns 2. User preferences (e.g. set temperature of AC, FAN speed & FLAP position) 3. Room temperature. By analyzing these three parameters, it helps users to enjoy comfortable sleep throughout the night.
  • Wake up feeling energised, after a good night's sleep, owing to Enerlyf's seamless switching capabilities for maintaining optimal temperature.
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    Enerlyf befriends Air conditioner with Ceiling fan and link them in such a way that not only it maintains your comfortable temperature but also reduces Air conditioner usage by 60-65% hence the electricity consumption by 50%, which equates SLEEP-HEALTH & PRODUCTIVITY ENHANCEMENT while reducing CARBON FOOTPRINTS & GLOBE HEATING.
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