Fortune Multi-Use Descaler Powder For Washing Machine, Dish Washer Etc Pack Of 3

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  • Cleans, Descales, Sanitizes And Deodorizes Your Appliances
  • Can Be Used With Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Coffee Maker, Shower Heads And Faucets, Floor Tiles Etc.
  • Keep Your Appliances In Optimum Condition And Prolong Their Life
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    Directions For Use: Washing Machine: Make Sure There Are No Clothes Inside The Washing Machine. Fill Your Machine With 1-2 Litres Of Water And Subsequently Pour Fortune Descaler Powder Directly Into The Drum. Set The Programmer On Wash Mode. Run A Full Wash Cycle. In Case Of Fully Automatic Machines Pour The Powder In The Detergent Container And Run A Full Wash Cycle. Run The Machine Empty For 15 Minutes For Rinsing And Drain The Water. Remove The Drain Filter, Clean And Refit The Filter. Dishwasher: Empty The Dishwasher Of All Dishes And Cutlery. Pour Fortune Descaler Into The Detergent Dispenser Up To Normal Level And Sprinkle The Remaining Onto The Dishwasher Floor. Run A Normal Wash Cycle. To Remove Any Build Up From Area Around The Door Seals And Hinges, Prepare A Solution By Mixing Fortune Descaler In Water And Pour On The Effected Area. For Heavy Build-Up, Leave The Solution On For A Few Minutes Before Wiping Off. Coffee Maker: Mix Half Sachet Of Fortune Descaler With 1 Litre Of Water In The Machine Jug And Pour Into The Water Reservoir. Mix Using A Plastic Or Wooden Spoon. Assemble Without Filter Paper And Operates As Normal. Boil Through About Half The Solution. Switch Off And Leave For Ten Minutes. Boil Through The Rest Of The Solution And Pour Away. Boil At Least Twice Again With Clean Water Before Use
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