Gillette Exclusive Gift Set(Set of 3)

Special Price ₹592 ₹849
  • Set Contents: Fusion Razor, Fusion Hydra gel 75 ML, Fusion Cart 2S
  • Includes Men's Grooming
  • For Men
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    Razor: 5 Blade Shaving Surface Technology The 5 blade shaving surface technology ensures comfort and gives you a clean shave that leaves you looking smart and your skin feels much better. Razor:15 Microfins Comfort Guard  The comfort guard helps ensure shaving happens without causing any damage to your skin. Facial Moisturizer: Protect Against Nicks, Redness and Skin Tightness Shaving strips your skin of all natural moisture and leaves your pores exposed so this facial moisturizer protects your skin against any skin tightness or redness and ensures that nicks are repaired without leaving any trace. Shave Gel : Soothing Aloe for Tired Skin The shave gel is enriched with aloe that adds the desired amount of moisture, leaving your skin soft and supple.
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