Sony USM32X/B2 X Series 32GB USB 3.1 Pen Drive (Black)

Special Price ₹629 ₹1,750
  • Super Speed USB (USB3.0)
  • 4x faster than a USB 2.0
  • New detachable cap design
  • Keep your cap secured remove and attach it at the end
  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista Mac OS X 10.4
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    USM-X series can be also used in USB2.0 compatible computers. Data transfer rate depends on the interface of your compatible machine.
    To connect with USB3.0, this product needs to be used in USB3.0 compatible machines. < br> Micro Vault media contains a system management area. Actual usable capacity is less than the amount shown on the device.

    For safe use, be sure to read the Operating Instructions carefully before using the device.
    Only compatible with operating systems specified.
    When using the Micro Vault with the non-PC devices, please check the host device manuals for compatibility before use.
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